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To contact Catherina about a massage or for further enquires you can use the contact form or call 07880 511010. I only get engaged in text conversations if client has been before.

My working hours are from 9am until 9pm. For 9am and 10am appointment please contact me the day before. I work 5 days per week. Please call me to see which days I am working. I will not answer withheld numbers and I won’t get engage in text conversations if I don’t feel I have to. Thank you.

Please note: I am not willing to invite just anyone into my space, so if you are rude , without manners or have blackmailed me,  I will ask you to leave and you will not be welcomed again!

I wont tolerate any offence or assault via text messeges, emails or calls. Screenshots and information will be reported if needed.  Thank you .

This is not a sex service. Anyone who will ask for sexual intercourse or kissing will be reported and blocked.

*****Just a warning to everyone who book appointment with me at my Premises. Mobile phones must be turned on silent and kept away from me and smartwatches must be taken off during massage! Any illegal action against me will be taken seriously and reported.


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